903, 2017

Whole Planet Pre-Grammy Party

We had the chance to attend the Whole Planet Pre-Grammy benefit and showcase. A very special event that took place at OHM Nightclub in Hollywood, to honor Olowo-n’djo Tchala and Prairie Rose Hyde, co-founders of Alaffia, for alleviating poverty in Togo and around the globe.

210, 2016

Interview in CVRadio 94.5 – Marc Jovani, Film Composer

Afternoon with Marina Marina: We are pleased to have Marc Jovani. Marc is a film music and video games composer. Lives and works in Los Angeles. He has worked with stars like Christian Slater (Robin Hood), Natasha Henstridge (Species), Tom Skerritt (Alien) in films that have been released worldwide and have been broadcast on TV

1008, 2013

Marc Jovani is working on his fifth Hollywood movie

Marc Jovani is about to finish the soundtrack for “Christmas Twister”, a Hollywood thriller that will be released on ION TV during the Christmas holidays. The movie stars Casper Van Dien (Sleepy Hollow) and is directed by Peter Sullivan, a director who Marc has worked with on several occasions. The film tells the story of Ethan (Casper Van Dien), a weather researcher from Texas University, who has to save his family from the threat of tornado. The tornado season in Texas does not usually coincide with Christmas, but this year weather conditions and global warming have changed the situation.

2504, 2013

Jovani’s music in El Final Todos Mueren, which premieres tomorrow in the Málaga Film Festival

Marc Jovani composes the soundtrack for Fesser’s new film. Bartomeu Roig PEÑISCOLA Marc Jovani, from Peñiscola, keeps on taking big steps in his dream of becoming one of the top composers in the Spanish film industry. After having completed his first projects in the United States, as well as also

709, 2012

Marc Jovani in Channel 9 (Canal 9)

After the premiere of the soundtrack for his latest movie “Jersey Shore Shark Attack” in the United States, during a live interview in Peníscola by Chanel 9 (Canal 9), Marc told us that he is “working on the soundtrack for a videogame that will be released by Sony and Microsoft”.

1203, 2012

Canal 9 – The Hatfields and McCoys: Bad Blood

Presenter: A young man from Peñiscola has composed the soundtrack for a Hollywood Western that will be released shortly in the USA; he has also created the first scoring stage for big orchestras in our region. (AUDIOVISUAL REPORT) Reporter: We are listing to the music of Marc Jovani, who composed the soundtrack for Bad Blood – a Western drama that will be released in Hollywood shortly.

203, 2012

Marc Jovani at the gates of The Oscar Awards

Peñiscola is witnessing the professional growth of a genius in film scoring. At 24 years of age, Marc Jovani is already working with the Hollywood greats and his score for the short “The Escape” was just one step away from being heard at The Oscar Awards.

1702, 2012

The Music of a Peñiscolano almost makes it to The Oscars

(disambiguation “PEÑISCOLANO”: Marc, from Peñiscola) Marc Jovani, 24 years old, composed the soundtrack of the semi-finalist short movie “The Escape”. The young creative has worked on well-known productions, such as “The Thunder Captain”. A GENIUS ON THE KEYBOARDS David García – CASTELLÓN Peñiscola is watching the growth of a film music composer. At the age of 24, Marc Jovani has already worked with the giants of Hollywood and one of the movies he composed the music for, “The Escape”, was almost nominated for an Oscar, the most important awards of the seventh art.

2201, 2011

Marc Jovani – Interview, Levante de Castellon

Marc Jovani (Peniscola, 1987), 23 years old is one of the composers with most repercussion and relevance in Castellón. He just got hired by a college in Boston. “Hollywood is very competitive. You either get moving, or you will get hidden.” Marc Jovani – Music Composer TEXT: J. MAURA FOTO: J.M. Q. How did all this get started? A. After completing my professional training in music at the Benicarlo Conservatory, I went on to study composition for five years at the Higher Conservatory of Castellon, with Ferrer Ferran.

1107, 2009

Hollywood awaits this young musician, Marc Jovani (interview)

An exclusive Master’s degree in scoring for the big screen is waiting for him in Los Angeles In addition to his brilliant talent, Marc has finished the Advanced Degree in Composition with merit in three subjects, obtained the Certificate Program specialised in orchestration and musical production for movies and video games in Berklee College of Music of Boston, and is sound engineer by Crash Institute of Barcelona. DAVID GARCIA – Castellón At only 22, Marc Jovani is one of the composers of his generation with the most promising future. His specialty is cinema, and thanks to his dedication and background, in less than fifteen days he will be traveling to Los Angeles to complete his academic training by taking the course Scoring for Motion Pictures and TV at USC, a Master’s Degree in film scoring where he will meet the giants of the world of composing, of the stature of Christopher Young (Spiderman 3) and Joel McNeely (Flipper), orchestrators such as Pete Anthony (Batman Begins, King Kong) or editors like Chris Brooks (Poseidon, X-men). In this program, where only fifteen or twenty composers a year are admitted, the students also have the chance to record their own soundtracks in studios like FOX, Warner, Paramount, etc.