Project Description

Christian Slater - Hatfields McCoys - Marc Jovani

Marc Jovani composes the soundtrack for the movie “Bad Blood: the Hatfields and McCoys”, starring Christian Slater, Jerry Lacy, Jeff Fahey and Perry King.

HATFIELDS & MCCOYS: BAD BLOOD is a production of Hybrid, Synthetic Filmwerx, Barnholtz Entertainment, and Lionsgate. DVD distribution appears to have been handled through Lionsgate.

The film stars Christian Slater, who’s known for starring in many big budget films in the 90′, including Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles, FernGully: The Last Rainforest, Broken Arrow, and Hard Rain. Christian Slater won the Golden Globe Award for supporting actor in a series or TV movie with his performance as a mysterious hacktivist in Mr. Robot.

The cast is completed with Jerry Lacy, Jeff Fahey and Perry King.

This film is timed perfectly. It was actually filmed in Kentucky.

It was filmed on site with many Kentucky actors. That alone gives it wonderful appeal. Jeff Fahey does a phenomenal job. Tim Abell as Jim Vance is appealing. His acting is precise and perfect to his character. Christian Slater plays the Governor Bramlette rol. This film is great considering its low budget, and Perry King does a tremendous job as Randall McCoy.

Characters are easily identifiable. The film is succinct and sticks to a storyline that makes sense, albeit maybe not entirely historically accurate.

Ray does an excellent job creating historical drama in this film.

The soundtrack for the movie composed by Marc Jovani (“The Perfect Student” “A Valentine’s Date”) helps to transport the listener to the region where the film takes place. The music tried to avoid the Western type of sound. The movie is not a Western, it’s the pre-cowboy time, right after the US Civil War. Fred, the director, didn’t want the music to sound modern, but traditional and orchestral. The result was an orchestral, americana type of sound. This is an excerpt of the soundtrack.