Marc Jovani - The Oscar Awards

Peñiscola is witnessing the professional growth of a genius in film scoring. At 24 years of age, Marc Jovani is already working with the Hollywood greats and his score for the short “The Escape” was just one step away from being heard at The Oscar Awards. With an innate talent for creating melodies, the Peñiscolano [disambiguation “Peñiscolano”: Marc, from Peñiscola] lived in the USA for two years while he was finishing the Master’s Degree in Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television, which not only helped him to improve his skills in film scoring but also to make a place for himself in the Hollywood industry.

“The Escape” was awarded the Best Drama in the Los Angeles Short Film Festival, which served as a springboard for The Oscar Awards.

But Marc’s résumé doesn’t end here. He has just created his own studio – Cut Back Studios – with headquarters in Peñiscola for forthcoming projects, and right now he is working on the soundtrack for an important production in Hollywood, the Western “Bad Blood: Hatfields and McCoys”, with Peter Sullivan as producer and starring Kevin Slater (The Name of the Rose).

Marc Jovani - The Oscar Awards

Marc composing for Bad Blood

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