Al Final Todos Mueren - Mediterraneo

Marc Jovani composes the soundtrack for Fesser’s new film.

Bartomeu Roig PEÑISCOLA

Marc Jovani, from Peñiscola, keeps on taking big steps in his dream of becoming one of the top composers in the Spanish film industry. After having completed his first projects in the United States, as well as also working in shorts and animation, now Jovani has finished his first Spanish full-length feature film with the movie Al Final Todos Mueren, a collective piece that brings together different stories, directed by Javier Fesser, Javier Botet, David Galán Galindo, Roberto Pérez Toledo, and Pablo Vara.

“I had worked with David Galan before, and that gave me the chance now to take this big step forward in my career”. Jovani composed the music for three of the five directors, Fesser among them, one of the most important Spanish directors. He also composed the trailer soundtrack. Al Final Todos Mueren will premiere tomorrow, April the 26th in the ZonaZine area in the Malaga Spanish Film Festival. “We hope the movie goes to commercial theaters, after being selected in the festival” said Jovani, excited. His music accompanies the performances of actors such as Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Elisa Muliaá, Macarena Gómez and Andrea Duro.

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Al Final Todos Mueren Marc Jovani