Presenter: A young man from Peñiscola has composed the soundtrack for a Hollywood Western that will be released shortly in the USA; he has also created the first scoring stage for big orchestras in our region.


Reporter: We are listing to the music of Marc Jovani, who composed the soundtrack for Bad Blood – a Western drama that will be released in Hollywood shortly.

Marc Jovani: I’m really enjoying composing for movies; it means I can create music for landscapes, wars, confrontations, love, etc. so it allows me to write big, beautiful orchestral music.

Reporter: Marc is 24 years old and has an excellent background in the American film industry, with a prestigious Master’s Degree that very few composers in the world can access behind him. Working between Los Angeles and here in Peñiscola, he has just finished the only scoring stage for big orchestras.

Marc Jovani: We intend to put together around 90 musicians.

Reporter: Marc is a musical producer and also a teacher. He composed the music for the commemorative act of the movie El Cid and a short film that almost made it to the Oscars.

Marc Jovani: My dream is to hold an Oscar in my hands…

Reporter: The keys are talent, sacrifice and persistence, values that Marc works with every single day.